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Elite Landscape Solutions is a professional landscape excavation contractor in Wichita. We can complete a wide range of dirt work for residential and commercial landscaping projects. From clearing a site for your new expanded patio to digging channels for French drains, we can handle the entire project from start to finish.

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Landscaping Excavation Wichita KS

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Kansas has a reputation for being pancake flat, but anyone who lives in the Wichita area knows that’s not the case. When your landscaping project requires a level surface, we can fill in low spots and grade the site so it’s ready. In some cases, a property needs more slope to prevent water from pooling around the home’s foundation or creating areas of standing water. In these cases, we can add fill dirt and then grade to create positive drainage. We also move dirt to create raised flower beds and direct water from your downspouts underground.

Landscape Excavation Services

  • Erosion Control
  • Improve Drainage
  • Fill Low Spots
  • Leveling
  • Dig Decorative Ponds
  • Add French Drains
  • Add Pop Up Drains
  • Clear Land for a Patio
  • Demolition

Erosion Control

A big portion of our excavation work revolves around preventing erosion, especially around commercial and residential retaining ponds. We ensure a proper grade around the pond or small lake and then install rip rap on the slope to minimize soil erosion.

Site Clearing & Demolition

Unless you have a brand new home where we’re installing your lawn from scratch, your new landscaping project will most likely involve some demolition and site clearing. Elite Landscape Solutions will safely demo your old patio if needed, remove rocks, clear stumps, remove trees, level the site and more. Then we’ll haul off the debris so we can start with a clean slate.

Drainage Improvements

Here in the Wichita area, we’ve seen more than our share of torrential downpours in recent years. The last thing you want to worry about during a heavy rain is where the water will go. We’ll make sure the land on your commercial or residential land is sloped away from any structures. We’ll also fill in any low spots so water will run off where it should.

Install Riprap
Popup Drains

French Drains and Pop Up Drains

One of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal and drainage at the same time is to get rid of those unsightly gutter extenders. But that doesn’t mean simply letting water pour out of your downspouts right next to your home’s foundation. French drain systems or pop up drain emitters are more attractive and effective solutions.

A French drain is simply a channel lined with gravel and an embedded pipe that carries rainwater and snow runoff to a better location. French drains are good solutions for areas where water pools or for homes that tend to collect water near the foundation.

Pop up drains, on the other hand, consist of a hose or pipe connected to the downspout that runs underground. The pipe connects to a drainage emitter that pops up to release the water across a large surface area rather than pouring onto one spot next to the foundation. This helps disperse the water so it doesn’t erode or damage the soil.

For both French drains and pop up drains to work properly, they must be able to slope down away from the downspout or low spot. Elite Landscape Solutions is experienced with grading and creating trenches with the correct slope for proper drainage.

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Can I regrade my yard myself?

Regrading around a small landscaping element like a patio could be a DIY task, but if you need to regrade your entire yard, it’s best to hire a professional. Experienced excavators will have the equipment and the expertise to ensure your lawn is sloped correctly to prevent future drainage issues.

Can grading fix drainage problems with my lawn?

Grading can help improve drainage in a yard if there are low spots where water collects. Regrading can create a proper slope so water runs away from your home and doesn’t pool anywhere. However, soggy lawns can also be caused by issues such as compacted soil or lots of clay in your soil. The best way to fix drainage problems in your lawn is to have a professional landscaper like Elite Landscape solutions evaluate your yard and recommend the right solution for your situation.

Can I install french drains myself?

Not only is there a lot of physical labor involved in digging the trenches for the drains and then filling them with rock, but there’s also the critical step of making sure the drain is angled correctly. You’lll also need to have your utility lines marked before digging. And choosing the right type of piping is critical to ensure the water will drain properly. With this in mind, it’s usually best to install a french drain installation company like Elite Landscape Solutions.